Saturday, 16 January 2010

Joomla Category Blog View displaying Intro Text only problem

what I'm trying to achieve is to have a blog style page with only intro texts on it. And then if users want to read the whole blog they'd need to click on the read more link. 

Through the settings in the menu item for my blogs page I thought it would be fairly easy by setting these parameters

> Set leading items to 0

> Set the amount of intro text items I want

> Set For each feed item show to introtext

and then make sure these settings aren't overridden in the article.

For some reason I couldn't get this to work.  After finding this post

I came up with this hack to stop my frustration and wasting time







if you are using this component anywhere else you may want to wrap it in a else statement and set a parameter to activate this change.  Because I time contraints I'll add this if I need to !!

Saturday, 9 January 2010

Self Assessment Tax - do i pay shippley or Cumbernauld

Just in case anyone else is asking the same question.  I couldn't find the answer on the HRmc website and also couldn't get through on the phones because of the snow.

On the website they write
'Please refer to the back of your payment reminder to check which of the Accounts Offices below is relevant for you.'

however when checking the back of reminder I saw no reference to Shippley or Cumbernauld.  The answer though is to cross reference the 'account number' they have on the back of the reminder under 'direct payment' against the accounts office table they have on ther hmrc website.

Hope this helps someone.