Monday, 31 October 2011

how to change the order of apps on facebook fanpage

If you're asking yourself  ' How do I change the order of items on the left hanside of you Facebook Fanpage ' then what you need to do is this.

> log into Facebook

> goto your fanpage

> under the lefthand side menu you want to change click on 'edit'

After you've done this you can just drag and drop into place. 

Size Guide for Womens Clothing !

You may be thinking 'what a weird subject for a Tech blog' .

well the thing is I have been putting this table into Joomla Articles and it seems to dissapear after a few days.  I'm just putting it in this blog so I can find it again easily !!

SIZE CHART Ladies Dress/Skirt size chart

Ladies Trouser size chart
268 43634

soon to be live on the Cornwall Clothing Retailer website by the way

Monday, 24 October 2011

joomla 1.7 installation A file permissions error has occurred. Please check the permissions on the script and the directory it is in and try again.

joomla 1.7 A file permissions error has occurred. Please check the permissions on the script and the directory it is in and try again

While installing Joomla 1.7 I got this message

'A file permissions error has occurred. Please check the permissions on the script and the directory it is in and try again'

Having encountered this type of problem I'm aware that what I need to do is change the folder permissions to 755 and files to 644.  And that will probably sort it out.  It didn't work this time though !!!

And the reason for that is that I was chmodding in the folders inside the installation and the folder I needed to change was the public_html folder.

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Locking your Facebook Fanpage so that only Fans can see your Content

We've all seen plenty of fanpages that tell you that you have to 'Like' the page before you can see the content.

The technique has some powerful benefits for businesses as well for example ' Click on LIKE to get the Special Offers ' .  It's easy to add to FBML pages aswell

just copy and paste this in your FBML App ( taking out the spaces around the 'divs'

< div>
< div style="height: 200px;">
< !-- start non-fan part -->
< div style="margin-top:10px; position: absolute; top:10px;left:0px; height: 200px;; width:100%;">
non-fan content: non-fans will see this content, but fans will not.
< /div>
< !-- end non-fan part -->
< fb:fbml version="1.1">
< fb:visible-to-connection>
< div style="margin-top:10px; position: absolute; height: 200px; top:10px;left:0px; width:100%; background-color: #FFFFFF">
fan content:only fans will see this content.
< /div>
< /fb:visible-to-connection>

facebook how to make landing page on fanpage

If you want to make this FBML page your landing page then

> go to your fanpage

> go to 'edit'

> click on 'Manage Permissions'

on the right handside find 'Default Landing Tab' and select your page on the drop down.

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Joomla Mega Menu is displaying under the RD Zoom Plugin

If your using the Module and mod_maximenu_CK and the plugin RDZoomer_VM  then you may be finding that in both Google Chrome and Firefox the menu is dropping behind the image.  Here's your fix.




div id="wrap" style="top:0px;z-index:9999;position:relative;">


div id="wrap" style="top:0px;z-index:99;position:relative;">

how to make a better template for mod_redmysticcore

how to make a better template for red mystic core

Red mystic core module templates aren't made to make design changes easily.  Unfortunatley you have to hack the file mod_redmysticcore/helper.php 

Here I basically added as many classes as I could and used css to change backgrounds and move items etc. 

Not ideal but I got what I wanted done quicker that changing Objects and rewriting code.

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Flash movie plays on desktop, but not on website

in the case in hand I'm pretty sure it's something to do with a loop error with their first scene. ie the loading scene .

For example when opening the file online it doesn't load !  However if you right click and go to 'play' it works. 

I'm sure if I had the .fla files I'd find a fix in the scene 1 loop .

in this scenarion the .fla files haven't been given to me.  so this is a bit of a guess.

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

where do I change the virtuemart tos

Virtuemart how do I change the Terms and conditions.

go to administrator > virtuemart >

-> find 'store' on the left hand menu
-> click on 'edit store'
-> find ->
store information > scroll down to Terms of Service

Apostrophe's and other characters are coming through on my mass mail outs as Squares.

I get the above problem when using the mass mailouts on heart internet.

in the HTML you need to swap the values as following

-  =  -

" = "

, = ,

Monday, 17 October 2011

MoleMash App inventor tutorial how to get the set Mole.x to block

MoleMash App inventor tutorial how to get the set 'Mole.X' to block

The tutorial is a vague at this line
'That's where you put the statements for the procedure. In this case there will be two statements: one to set the mole's x position and one to set its y position.'

After watching this YouTube  'MoleMash App Inventor tutorial movie'  it clear that I should have a button labelled 'Mole' under 'My Blocks' however it's not there.

To get it to appear I needed to shut down the Andriod Blocks Editior and reopen it.  Hey presto I now have it :))

Friday, 14 October 2011

jooma virtuemart add, apply and cancel buttons not working

jooma virtuemart add, apply and cancel buttons not working, this applies to the buttons on the top right hand side of the page.

I found a partial fix for this and that's to set all the folder permissions to 755 and file permission to 644 - Keep the configuration.php as 444 though.

How can I set the permissions of all files to 644 in Filezilla

>  Highlight your whole website in the 'remote' view

>  Right click and scroll down to 'file permissions'

> near the bottom click on the tick box for 'Recurse into Sub Directories'

> once ticked you get the option to select 'Apply to files only'

> click on this and click on 'OK'

Thursday, 13 October 2011

RD Zoomer for Virtuemart IE9 problem

To the fix this I updated from version 1.2 to 1.4.  However leaving the .css files so I didnt change anything important.

Monday, 10 October 2011

Temporary Fix for not being able to set products as Child in Virtuemart.

I don't seem to able set my products up as Child or Parent in the way should because of an 'Error: Saving the attribute failed.'  Error message.  Here's the forum post for my problem, its had over 500 views so I'm guessing I'm not the only person to have this error.

However I have got a bit of a work around to this.  The only thing that I'm really not happy with though is that all my child products ( ie all colour variations ) are listed in the category pages.  This is something I'll have to fix.

Here's what i'm doing though to get the products to look like this.

>> when editing you product go to 'Display Options' and in 'extra IDs'  and enter all the other Child product IDs here.

>> select the 'Use List box for child products '

Changing the look of the Child Product List in Virtuemart

What I needed to do was move the dropdown list in the Childlist view so that it displays in the same row as description and the order button.

 after the changes I want it look like this.
Apparently I can make changes to this display here.

customize the addtocart_list_multi.tpl.php template.

The template file is located in the directory /components/com_virtuemart/themes/default/templates/product_details/includes/

However I found a quick solution that works in most browsers ( but not chrome ! )

.vmCartAttributes {
    margin-left: 200px;
    margin-top: -40px;


Friday, 7 October 2011

Getting rid of Virtuemart's notify button

I actually thought this would be something really simple - like a tick box or a drop down selection in the Virtuemart admin.  No such luck what I had to do was follow these instruction and it doesn't really solve my problem, because sometimes I'd like to display a 'out of stock' image and other ' notify when available' if anyone finds an answer for this could they comeback and let me know about it.

Thanks - anyway heres the temporary hack to change the button over.




.notify_button {
   background: url( 'images/notify_blue.gif' ) no-repeat  center transparent;

-- to --
.notify_button {
   background: url( 'images/' ) no-repeat  center transparent;

And you need to change your language adminstrator/components/com_virtuemart/language/common/english.php):
   'VM_CART_NOTIFY' => 'Notify Me!',

NOTE:  thats 'adminstrator/components' not just 'components' :)

At this point I still have a problem.  And thats that I need to change the size of the display for this button. for this go back to .css file we where ammending earlier and add

.notify_button {

 height: 50px;
    width: 115px;

to the .notify_button class.

All done :)

Check Cornish Clothing Store for the finished store - Coming Soon

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

what the server type of heart internet servers

I'm having a bit of a wrestle with setting up SSL on Heartinternet.  Anyway question I was asking my self is about the Server type at Heart Internet.   I know it's Unix but the instructions I need are the 'Apache' ones.