Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Joomla - Customizing Mini Ad Spot css

I was commissioned to create a menu item that would display a few adverts - that would be

a image for a company > each one on different coloured backgrounds and they would need

to display randomly.

On this version of Joomla I already had Flexbanner - which is a VERY flexible advertising

manager this would do what I needed except for the last part. I couldn't seem to

randomise the adverts. If you know an answer to this let me know.

After checking out a few Advertising problems and finding problems with them, in a few

instances 'security' issues seemed to be weak - I found Mi

ni Ad Spot

This does exaclty what I needed only I needed to write a little css hack so that the

backgrounds displayed properly.

Here's what I need to change. NOTE! YOULL NEED TO GET RID OF SPACES AROUND THE < or >'s

>> Download the module to you harddrive

>> OPEN modules/mod_miniadspot/tmpl/default.php

>> on line 72, 76 , 81


< div style="float:left; display: inline; " >


< div class="miniad" style="float:left; display: inline; " >

!! note: now you could either just paste the ccs below into your template.css in the template your using. However if like me you use more than 1 template on your site you'll need to call it up from inside the module.






< filename >css/style.css

CREATE a new folder in modules/mod_miniadspot/ called 'css'

CREATE a new file named 'style.css'

paste this code or similar into it.


Thursday, 6 May 2010

Getting permission problems with noixACL - Joomla Extension help

if you've noixACL installed on your Joomla CMS installation then you may end up banging your head against a wall when you go back into your admin area and find that you can't add articles etc. At this time you'll probably search the settings and try and sort it out. If you manage to sort this out on a perminant basis then let me know because my solution is to

>> choose 'Access Control' from the components drop down.

>> goto 'adapters'

>> then turn off the adapter for the item that your working on

>> then turn it on again.

yeah it's not ideal but a temporary solution until I work it out properly.