Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Heart internet what address to use for SSH on a Domain Reference account

You will need to lookup the IP address of web00.extendcp.co.uk (format of webservers is webXXX.extendcp.co.uk.) As HeartInternet do not provide the IP address of the web server. You can also just use webXXX.extendcp.co.uk as the host, as this will point to the IP address of the web server.

Here's an image of where you will enter this on PHPputty

The after this you will enter your domain referenced address  thewebsiteaddressIdontown.com

Using a domain reference account on Heartinternet

This is something I always seem to end up having to find out.

Here's the scenario - you have a website you want to set up and then transfer the domain across to .

I'm using the Heart Internet servers and here you need to make a 'domain reference' - but after that how do I view my Heart Internet domain reference on the web. Well the address is in this format


for the web00 - you need to go into your Control Panel and on the right handside you will see your 'Web Server'

and obviously change mywebsite.co.uk for whatever your website is ie www.littleripples.com

Monday, 26 March 2012

Joomla Virtuemart transfer - Virtuemart component goes to administrator login

I've been searching for this again and couldn't find my own blog duplicated joomla and virtuemart site goes to old website address when accessing virtuemart through the backend

So here's some search terms to help me find it again.

virtuemart transfer

ssl virtuemart administrator problem

transfer of joomla virtuemart problem

transfer virtuemart and now I can't access component admin.

Friday, 23 March 2012

Making a menu set that gives tables of information from Community Builder

Here's the next part of the project for the Payroll System I'm designing.

User -

column 1


Column 2

User 'Name Surname'

User 'Addressline1, Addressline2, Postcode'

Column 3

LINK edit Customer Information

Column 4 Archive Customer

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Making a Joomla 2.5 Menu with Rounded buttons in CSS

The target here was to make a menu set in Joomla look a bit nicer and have rounded edges. With the minimal amount of image used.

> The first thing to do is make yourself a button and divide this into 3 bit. * left * middle and * right

Note: the middle bit only needs to be 1pix wide as it will vbe repeated on the x axis ( across )

> secondly we need to make a menu display other than default. The way to do this is to download the folder /modules/mod_menu



and rename them - you can change the name 'default' to your preference. In this example I renamed them to 'rounded'


Now go through all the documents and find all instances of 'default' and change to 'rounded'



on line 48


echo '<li'.$class.'>';


echo '<li'.$class.'><div class="menuleft"></div><div class="menumiddle">';

on line 74


echo '</li>';


echo '</div><div class="menuright"></div></li>';

NOW ADD THIS CSS to your CSS file






float: left;







float: left;


div.menumiddle {

background: url("images/buttonbackground.jpg") repeat-x scroll left center transparent;

display: block;

max-width: 150px;

min-width: 150px;

text-align: center;

height: 25px;

float: left;


Wednesday, 7 March 2012

A quick guide to SEO

Here's a quick guide to targetting new keywords. The following instructions are the real basics. Search SEO basics on google for more.

1. Create a page targetting a new keyword/phrase or two, but don't try and cram the blog full of keywords it won't work. The article should have at least 300 words.

Use the keyword/phrase in the title , url, meta description and an img tag.

2. Link back to this page internally - using the keywords in the link

3. Link to the page externally using your keywords/phrase too. For example from social media sites like Google+, facebook, twitter and many more. I like ping.fm as you can post to many social media streams in one go. And from blogs like the one you are reading can be good for linking to your main site. Like this -> How writing good blogs will improve your business

Here's some DON'TS

* Don't have too many links in one blog.
* Don't repeat the key word your targetting too many times on the page
* Don't duplicate content

The main thing is to keep going. It may take a while to rank keywords that have a lot of competion.

There is a term in SEO that goes 'Going after the Long Tail or Short Tail. It works like thie

> short tail: "Photography workshops'

The short tail is difficult to rank but number of searches much higher. Long tail searches you can expect to get ranked higher and quicker, the other advantage is the relevance is 'Excellent' so users may well be more inclined to use your services.

My SEO packages start at £25 a month Contact Cornwall SEO for more information on how I can help :)

Monday, 5 March 2012

Frontpage Slideshow v2.9.1 Thumbnails are blurry in JJ-Obs Template

Frontpage Slideshow v2.9.1 Thumbnails are blurry in JJ-Obs Template

If your having the same problem with blurry thumbnails in this older version of Frontpage Slideshow by Joomla Works then here's a quick CSS fix for you.

#navi-outer li a img, #navi-outer li a.navi-active img{

width: 40px !important;
margin: 0 0 0 0 !important;
height: 25px !important;

Photography Portfolio - Cornwall

Adding a monthly dropdown to Finacial Report in RentalotPlus

Adding a monthly dropdown to Finacial Report in RentalotPlus

in administrator

> goto 'RentalotPlus'

> 'Reports'

> 'Financial Report'

Here on the drop down that says '2012'  I would like an additional drop down that breaks the Financial Report into months.

OPEN  administrator/components/com_rentalplus/models/report.php


function &getFinancial()


$filter_year = $this->_app->getUserStateFromRequest(LA_COMPONENT.'.filter_year','filter_year',0,'int');


$filter_month = $this->_app->getUserStateFromRequest(LA_COMPONENT.'.filter_month','filter_month',0,'int');


if ($filter_year > 0)
        $query_where .= " And year(B.date_from) = '$filter_year'";


    if ($filter_month > 0)
        $query_where .= " And month(B.date_from) = '$filter_month'";

OPEN administrator/components/com_rentalotplus/views/financial/view.html.php

IN function display($tpl = null)

    $filter_year = $app->getUserStateFromRequest(LA_COMPONENT.'.filter_year','filter_year',0,'int');


    $filter_month = $app->getUserStateFromRequest(LA_COMPONENT.'.filter_month','filter_month',0,'int');


    $this->lists['year'] = LA_view::make_list('filter_year', $filter_year, $this->year_list, 0, 'onchange="this.form.task.value='."''".';submitform( );"');


    $this->lists['month'] = LA_view::make_list('filter_month', $filter_month, $this->month_list, 0, 'onchange="this.form.task.value='."''".';submitform( );"');

And that's it.