Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Report on Getting Premiership Football in the Pub – without using SKY

How can I show live premiership football in my pub without using SKY

Basically using the internet to show football isn’t realistic. It can be a bit of a game finding the best stream. Some can be low quality but they often stream better than the high quality ones.
Also showing live premiership on the internet in this country is illegal, which means Premiership Football TV providers have every right to highjack or close down connections if they find them out. If you're looking for ' Live Premiership Football ' for home use then you can try for several connections for the games but it's not suitable for Pub use.

Getting Foreign Satellite is legal for the broadcasters and thanks to court ruling on Karen Murphy who won her case against SKY to show Premiership Football Live its also not illegal for pubs either.

There is a fair bit of information online about how you can Watch Premier League football without Sky on a foreign satellite

Here’s a quick check list of what you need.

* a satellite dish ( moterised )
* a satellite receiver
* a universal LNB and cable
* a viewing card and cam

The most difficult bit here in my opinion is the Viewing Card . These are like the SKY Viewing Card. You’ll need to research what channels your after first before purchasing. Its not hard to find sites that offer the cards though. Here’s a couple

The other consideration I think need to be taken are.

* it’ll need to be motorised as you’ll need to point the satellite in different directions depending on the channel
• you can find out the channels and directions to point the satellite to at

ideally I think the best way would be to find a satellite installer who is known by people at the pub, who can oversee it all.
There are plenty of companies now who will do this all for you. Expect to pay around £45 a week. Which compared to SKY is small but compared to the overall layout of doing it yourself seems high.

Check Foreign Satellite Provision for Pubs

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

How to add multiple Static FBML pages


is it me or can Facebook Fanpage be a real effort to use sometimes. !

Anyway with Facebook Fanpage Apps you can't add more than one. What you can do though is add Static FBML 2, 3 etc.

You can see these apps on this link More Static FBML apps - However I the link for adding apps wasn't coming up - so heres the hack enter this URL but you'll need to change your the id and app id to what you want. I found the easiest way was to go in the edit screen of my existing Static FBML and then past the new app on the end. This post should help Solution for adding a number of FBML pages

Here's the url

problems adding facebook static FBML to my fan page.

Heres the link for adding Facebook Static FBML to your fanpage ( fan page ) - I thought I'd blogged this before but apperently not and it seems like one of those difficult things to find on Google - Add Static FBML to my Fanpage

Facebook Advertising tips

Time to turn my attention to Facebook Advertising - after all it gives you some targetting options you just don't get with Google Adwords .

First of all you should make a new landing page that asks the user to Like the page and gives the reasons why they should.

Secondly the key is writing a Ad that catches your audiences attention. Why not check the Facebook Ads Board - here's a selection of the current best ads on Facebook.

If you make sure the campaign is highly targetted and the ad is right then this will bring your costs down as you could use Cost Per View instead of Cost Per Click and save ££££££££££££'s on advertising.

Choosing a Payment Gateway for your website

What is the best way to intergrate payment but to not leave your website

Check this Blog on Payment Gateways pretty much explains everything we need to know. E-Commerce Payment Solutions

The cheapest and easiest method for me to use I think will be PayPal Flow which is free to use.

PayPal Flow

I'll let you know how I find the integration with Joomla Virtuemart .

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Google Adwords Image Campaigns

If you're looking to run a campaign on a product then here's the list of image sizes to make banners in . You can do some or all. Personally it would make sense to make a decision on this depending on the websites your looking to advertise on

Google Adwords ad sizes ->

Leaderboard 728 x 90

Banner 468 x 60

Small Square 200 x 200

Square 250 x 250

Skyscaper 120 x 600

Wide Skyscraper 160 x 600

medium Rectangle 300 x 250

Large Rectangle. 336 x 280

Take a look at Google Adwords Image Sizes for more information.

Monday, 22 August 2011

notes on Google Adwords

First of all I apologise for not making this blog more readable but it's nearly midnight and I've just sat through a couple of hours of Google Adwords tutorials.

Here's a few things I jotted down.

Google uses a 'Quality Score' system . this means that if your advert gets more clicks than others then you may get a higher ranking with a lower Cost Per Click. Basically this means better targetted campaigns will be more succesful than others. Check these rules.

1. The highest ranking ads are the most relevant

2. Higher relevance leads to lower CPC - rewarding best perfomance

3. Higher visibility yields better tracking

4. Higher visibility yields more qualified business online.

Making a new campaign - use google keywords tool to find keywords and then use google insights for more information to run the campaign.

Check the agency tool kit.

!!important ::

When entering keywords here's a couple of tricks

Phrase match by using quotations ie "used book"

Exact match by using square brakets ie [used book]

if you do not use either of these then system will use a broad match - which may be bad for the quality score.

Negative keywords: ie -used book

doing this will mean this keyword is not searched.

Keyword Insertion - a trick to show the Keyword searched in your listings then use this code

{keyword:default text}

note: default text will be your own text.

Multi Account Manager - My Account Manager - MCC

Check the Adwords Editor for off line checking of campaigns

google adwords Value is required error

When adding a new Google Adwords campaign I was getting the error

'Value is required'

However Google was not telling me where the error was.

I found the problem was in the 'Ads Extensions' area. where i'd selected 'Product' but not choose my Merchant account from the dropdown. Once I'd done that the problem was solved.

I'd expect the same error may occur if you'd choose 'sitelinks', 'location' or 'phone number' from the list.

Hope this helps you ;)

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

CSS trickery and a Joomla Virtuemart Horizontal Menu

I was trying to achieve something like this.

It caused a fair bit of head scratching, checking modules and finally some CSS trickery to get it to look right.

So I thought I'd blog my results for you, incase it helps someone save some time ;)

In the end the joomla module I used was mod_vm_prod_cat_full but instead of hacking the code to display the whole menu horizontally ( which I tried but perfecting the code wasn't as straight forward as I was hoping it'd be ) I used the module a number of times for each of the vertical lists I wanted to make.

The next thing I need to do was add a background and I also wanted to make the Category title a different colour to the other links. For these things I needed to use some CSS trickery, which saved me hacking the code once again ;)

.level1, .level0 {
list-style-type: none;

td.promo1 div.module div div div ul.level0 li a:link, td.promo3 div.module div div div ul.level0 li a:link, td.promo5 div.module div div div ul.level0 li a:link {
font-weight: bold ;
color: #fff ;


td.promo1 div.module div div div ul.level0 li ul.level1 li a:link, td.promo3 div.module div div div ul.level0 li ul.level1 li a:link, td.promo5 div.module div div div ul.level0 li ul.level1 li a:link {
font-weight: normal !important;
color: #333 !important;


margin: 10px 10px;
font-size: 11px;
#promo .inside{
padding-left: 10px;
padding-right: 10px;

background: url("../images/categories_bg.gif") repeat-x top;


.promo1, .promo2, .promo3, .promo4, .promo5, .promo6 {
padding:0 5px 0 0;
width: 150px;
vertical-align: top;

Thursday, 4 August 2011

how to exclude google search from your google adwords campaign

This is so I can just run the add campaign for the placements i choose. In this case I'm running an add on ' Surfboard Boardbags ' - and I want the advert to appear in Google Mail to anyones whose talking about ' Surf Travel ', ' Surfing Holidays ' in the UK .

If I turn off Google Search - and Google Search Partners then I should have a much more directed campaign.

WHY IS THIS - as I'm guessing if your mentioning surf travel in a email then it's probably something thats happening rather than a dream.

Anyway to do this the go to your Campaign in Google Adwords and click on the Settings tab.

> go down to 'Network and devices'

> click on 'edit' next to 'Networks
Managed placements, audiences and topics'

> now you can untick the boxes you don't require