Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Use other websites content on your website

As long as you have permission to do it that it!

Anyway for other Joomla! users like myself this is a good way to tie in multiple sites, or for a website that has multiple staff that blog - you may want to do more than just show the feed. Check out this component Rss to Content

Haven't used it yet but intend to.

Thursday, 13 January 2011


Looking at targetting a few key phrases for Wavelength that they aren't ranked on. None of these are performming at the moment so hopefully we can push them in the right direction.

Surfing Directory -
Surfing Forum -
surfing news -
surfing calendar-
uk surfing calendar -

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

duplicated joomla and virtuemart site goes to old website address when accessing virtuemart through the backend

I've made a backup of my Joomla with Virtuemart site and am having the problem that now in the backend it goes straight to the old website address when trying to access virtuemart.

Heres the solutions.

Force your way into this page

Monday, 3 January 2011

January 2010 SEO work

January Keyphrase promotions.  Every month I need to check that the main keywords for my clients websites are coming top and to select another keyphrase that needs improving and a third keyprhase that at the moment doesn't register at all. A selection of 5 key phrases is constantly monitored and a further 2 singled out for improvement on the basic SEO package and - DIY Website, SEO and Social Networking

Hillside Glastonbury - Glastonbury B&B 7th , b&b glastonbury the , bed and

breakfast glastonbury 7th
, glastonbury accommodation 5th, accommodation glastonbury 5th

improve glastonbury abbey 29th

add  glastonbury tor 37th

Glastonbury Properties - self catering glastonbury 5th , self catering somerset 3rd glastonbury self catering 5th, glastonbury accommodation 5th,
accommodation glastonbury 5th

improve glastonbury short stay


Mint Condition Valet : Bournemouth Car Valet 7th, Bournemouth Car Cleaning 5th,car valet bournemouth 14th, Bournemouth Car Valeting 12th, Bournemouth Car Cleaning 5th , Bournemouth Commercial Van cleaning 1st

Last month we had a big success with Bournemouth Commercial Van cleaning moving upto 1st place.

improve: car valeting ringwood 57th ,

improve: >,car valet bournemouth 14th,

Escape - polzeath surf report 10th, cornwall surf report 12th, polzeath surf 6th , surf report polzeath 11th, surfboard repairs 10th

KEY PHRASE - surfboard repairs is this months big succes that's moved into the top ten.

improve: stand up paddle boarding , paddle board

improve: cornwall surf report 12th

Escape - surfboard sprays 2nd, surfstore 4th, surf store 3rd ,buy surfboards 5th surfboards 23rd

improve: thruster surfboard 31st

improve: surfboards 23rd