Friday, 30 July 2010

Joomla virtuemart The requested URL * was not found on this server.

This is a blog for the above problem for people who are trying to  set up virtuemart on their Jommla! installation.
Up until this point I had installed Virtuemart and it's demo  database and made a menu item that should go straight to a  catergory or product.

The first thing after getting the error message
'The requested URL * was not found on this server'  was to check  this call to the component to see if the store was working at  all?

Answer: YES - the store does work however when clicking on the  product links I get the requested URL not found message.

My next test was to turn SEF's off.  You can do this by going to  'site' on the top menu - go down to 'global configuration' and  head for SEO settings on the right hand side.  in your  administration panel.

ANSWER - in my case everything now works fine.  If it doesn't for  you then you probably need to install the main Virtuemart Module  and make sure its placed on all pages.  Check the manual section  '2.2. VirtueMart Installation' for more information.

This is not an ideal solution for me though as I do not want to  turn SEF's off so is there another solution that allows me to use  SEF's?

There is an extension called 'SEF router for Virtuemart (Joomla  1.5) Extension Specific Addon'  for VM - however this seems to  make no difference for me. 

What I don't understand though is that I'm using exactly the same  version etc as in my store for SEO Nort Cornwall and this site  works fine with SEF.  At this point I'm pretty stuck so am  thinking of starting the virtuemart installation from fresh to  see if that works.

Which doesn't work -  However I have a sneaky feeling it's because I'm working on a testing server, where a call to route doesn't work and I have to call index.php.  Therefore I am going to shelf this work- get the site working - go live and then solve this problem.  Hopefully therefore I'll have a solution here soon. 

Thursday, 29 July 2010

flash mx cant see Color Alpha in motion create

just a quick one if you got the same confusion as I did on following a simple fade in fade out tutorial in Flash MX .

Basically the instruction on the tutorial state after 'converting the symbol to a graphic' and then 'creating a motion tween'  you should then be able to scroll down the page to 'properties' where there will be a dropdown selection for 'color' .  I couldn't find this however.

The solution is at this point i'd needed to reselect the item. ( it may help to lock the background as well )

Thursday, 22 July 2010

My Top Ten Joomla Extensions.

 Here's my top ten joomla extensions I'm using at the moment. 


Flexbanner: Advertisment management program. - see it in action here Online Surf Magazine -

JComments - Let people comment on your articles.
See it here.  Polzeath Surf Report

FB Fanbox -
Show your facebook fanpage off.  You can have your status and show a few of your fans faces Polzeath Surfboard Hire

Modules -

Easy Twitter - Display yours or other peoples twitter feeds. 

Check ASP World Tour Twitter / Tweets

Articles Anywhere -

you need this.  From a Design point of view means you can show pretty much anything anywhere!!
I use this loads in this newquay directory

GK3 News Show  - handy little module to showcase articles from a category.  Does much more than this too.  Check Retro Surfboards

Adsense abd TPN Inserter - Monetise your site and add google adsense

Check Longboard Surfing Tweets / Twitter 


Twitter Status -
Automatically update your twitter status when you add articles.

Google Maps -

Show Google maps on a page Woolacombe Directory -


Redlinker - A great SEO tool so you can make all key words link to a certain page. Check Surfing blogs

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Not able to get into Joomla! admin from a Smart Phone !

I've recently brought the LG in Touch Maz GW620 Smartphone.

one of the main reasons was so that I can update my websites and blogs while out and about.
My websites have been built with Joomla!  However when trying to access the admin area I get this message
'Data connectivity problem!
The Page contains to many server redirects'

I have found away to be able to get into write my blogs and add news items, however if you want full access to your admin area then this is not your solution.  If you do find a solution to that if you could come back to this page and let me know that'd be awesome.

My solution:

Was to install this module on my Joomla installlation.

Content Submit -

which is a front-end login so you can add articles. It is designed so you can assign other authors to write on your site. So this is an additional use for the extension.

Monday, 19 July 2010

Getting Listed on Google Products / Shopping

What is Google Shopping and why get listed on Google Shopping ?
 You may or may not have noticed the button for 'Shopping' on the top of the google search page. 

This is powered by Google Base.  
Say for example if you were buying some new surfboard fins and liked the 'FCS K2.1 PERFORMANCE CORE'  
You can search this in Google Shopping Google Base and you would get a list of all the online stores that sell this product.   You can then change the order of the listings to see which product is cheaper etc. 
 There are even Ipod Apps where you can scan barcodes and this will then check google base for other products the same online. Movie App - It's pretty likely they'll be many more things like this appearing over time. 

We'll you can either do it yourself - check  .  It's can be a bit tricky though if you're not used to xml sheets etc, so the second option may be more appealing to and that is to pay some else to do it like myself.
For only £9.99 a month you can have upto 100 products listed.*   If you have more than 100 products then please contact me.  As far as I know this is the best price on getting listed on google base / google shopping that I can find on line.  
Check Escape Surfboards listings for and idea of how all your products will look on line  Surf Shop on Google Shopping  

If you'd like to have this service for your website use our shopping cart here ADD YOUR PRODUCTS TO GOOGLE SHOPPING

re information on how we can promote your online website business.  

Saturday, 17 July 2010

Get short easy to remember Facebook Fanpage URLS

The default of Facebook fanpages is that when you start one you get a URL like this

however if you want something shorter and more cool like. 

then all you need to do is visit this page  and you can assign short names to your fanpages. 


Friday, 2 July 2010

Making GK3 News Show ( mod_news_show_gk3 ) wider

There's two elements we need to do to make the GK3 News Module (Joomla!) bigger.  Firstly the width is preset in the module itself.

OPEN  modules/mod_news_show_gk3/tmpl/view.default.php


table mstyle; ?> class="gk_news_show_table" id="module_unique_id; ?>">

DELETE mstyle; ?> 

Now we can set the width from our template.css  ( or wherever you want to put it from inside your template )

for example 

#newsshow1 {

you can change the class id from inside the the module administration. 
Hope this helps you.