Monday, 28 February 2011

Hacking News Pro GK4

Hacking News Show gk4

I was actually first looking for ' hacking news show gk3' but then found our theres a GK4 version out so decided to hack that to look like how I want it.

Hopefully by the time your reading this the news show is now up at UK Surf Magazine for you to have a look at.

A couple of things I needed to change in css was this

on line 66 of

and get rid of
clear: both;

this will then mean I can dislay the div boxes for headers and text next to the image.

Next months Seo plan

This is kind of a blog to myself. It's the new month tomorrow so there's a couple of things I've read over the last few days that are good food for thought for promoting the websites I'm currently working on.

Firstly - making sure websites are in all the relevant Local listings . Check this 9 ways to start a local business blog.

The other blog I've read is handy for adding Google Adwords to your website . It can be a little confusing and this blog seems to explain it really well. There is a follow up blog to come as well which should be good also.

Friday, 18 February 2011

JFolder::create: Could not create directory

After backing the site and transferring to another server I got this message

JFolder::create: Could not create directory

This website was was made with Joomla! 1.5 by the way.

The fix

make sure these lines in the configuration are correct.

var $log_path = '';
var $tmp_path = '';

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Translate your website into every language possible !!

Ok I don't know if this software covers every language but it seems pretty good -
GTranslate Pro

We've been using the free version on Custom Surfboards and Cornwall Surfboard Sprays sites. And it works real well and we've had a few enquries and a sale from abroad - so have taken the decision to upgrade to GTranslate Pro .

Call back here to find out a report on how its working for us.

Monday, 7 February 2011

Encourage Website Usage with Points system ( which means prizes ! )

On my main site Little Ripples SEO & Web Design Blog I'd writen a a blogs bout 'giving you're website legs'. This blog kinda follows on from that point. I'll probably make it into a full blown article at some point but until then I wanted to note this Joomla addon for future projects. Alpha User Points - This components can be used to encourage your users to use your website and as they do so they will gain credits. Once they've gained enough credits then they can use them to do something cool, like place an advert!!

I think I'm going to roll this out for the Polzeath Beach website and see how it goes. Call back soon to find out more! or even better sign up for one of the Little Ripples Feeds - Little ripples Facebook, Little Ripples twitter , Little Ripples RSS Feed

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Februarys targetted key phrases

Here's this months new targetted words
Surfing Directory A concise surf based directory for the uk.

Surfing Forum Surfing community pages for Wavelength Surfing Magazine

surfing news Get the latest uk surfing news.

- surfing calendar - Whats on in the surfing calender
surf just simply the best surf magazine in the uk!!

Stand Up Paddle Boarding - Cornwall base SUP company.

Stand Up Paddle Boards -

Custom Surfboard - Contact Escape SUrfboards and get the right custom surfboard for your needs.

how can I get a google seller ratings next to my google product listing

I still haven't got this one cracked on Surfboards Online . After being on a mission to get their customers to leave a review on their Place page. We've now got 30 lovely 5 star reviews but still no 'google seller rating' to go next to the product listings in Google Products listings. Strangely I have seen a listing with only 1 review and that was displayed next to the item.

I'm wondering if the 'google seller rating' is classed as a 'google badge' in which case it seems 'several' tranactions will have to go through Google Checkout until this is displayed. As this is the case I think the next plan of action would be to try and get our seller rating displayed in some targetted 'google ads' until we can get ot the several transactions stage. Have a look at this link.
display google sellers rating next to my google product listing in Google Adwords'

I have found that leaving reviews on the following websites should help your Google listing. So that could be a future place of call