Thursday, 14 May 2009

Pimp your Firefox with free Internet Development tools

Thanks to the email newsletter I received the following list of Internet Development tools that can be added to Mozilla Firefox.

Mozilla Firebug is one that I've been using for a couple of months now and have raved about it in my blog before. It's excellent for working with CSS and you can even change things live. Here are a few more tools that I will be checking over the next couple of weeks. And best of all its all FREE - thank you FireFox.


Extension of the Firebug add-on to show PHP debug information on Firebug console.

- YSlow

Currently another extension of the Firebug add-on to measure page loading times and identify problems that make your pages load slower.

- Web Developer

Several tools like disabling Java-script, CSS, redirection, clearing browser caches, resizing the browser window to test pages with different sizes, etc..

- User Agent Switcher

Switch the browser identification to test how sites respond to different browsers.

- HTML Validator

Validate page HTML to help finding page generation errors cause by eventual bugs in the PHP scripts.

- Java-Script debugger

Run page Java-script code with single step support and ability to show Java-script variable values during debugging.

- LiveHTTPHeaders

Show page request and response headers.

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