Tuesday, 1 September 2009

joomla section ex category view ie8 problem

jommla ie8 table render problem

joomla section ex ie8 render problem.

IE 8 table rendering problem

I have to agree with these comments about IE 8 form this post -

"hate internet explorer. It is an absolute nightmare and the newest edition not being fully standards compliant without the need to go diging around in settings is ridiculous.

That said, the average computer user plugs in the address on whatever default browser and settings are included with the PC and complains when it doesn't look right. Whos fault is it? Mine of course."

It's cost me so much time on jobs aswell. Anyway if you're using section ex and are having this problem also then here's what you need to do.

>> open the file -> \components\com_sectionex\views\category\tmpl\default.php

search for 'colspan="2"'

and DELETE it.

at the time of writing I have not noticed any negative side effect of deleting this, but now tables display in IE 8 displays fine.

I found the solution for this here (which is for a normal cat view, but the fix is the same) ->


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