Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Setting up restricted file content for your users in Joomla

What I want to do is have a more personalised experience on my website. So that customers can log into there accounts and see quotes, invoices, timesheets, use helpdesk and have special messages for them only.

I searched through a large amount of extentions that would do what I was looking for, most of them were based around the highly recommended Community Builder - Joomla Extension , although CB itself is free the add ons to do what I wanted are not.

After some searching - here are some of the key phrases I searched.
joomla article permissions free
JomSocial Profile
joomla community builder article restriction

I found this one

Follow the instructions here ->

One thing I did find though was that I was having problems finding the relevan files to download. I found using this technique to be useful and that was to type the file name and search the site from google ie ' site:'

Once set up you'll find that you can't access any of your articles. You'll need to open up the permissions in the 'Manage Groups' section.
Here's how to do it.

> goto 'components' on the main menu
> scroll down to 'Access Control'
> click on 'Manage Groups'
> go to the group that your in ie 'Super Administrator'
> on the left hand side theres a menu named 'Adapters' click on content
> then you'll need go through all the 'sections' and open up all the catergories so you have permissions to make changes, edit, add etc

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