Thursday, 4 March 2010

Joomla Hack to get GoogleMap Plugin to work in Modules

I had a plugin installed that means I can call Google maps from inside articles, but what I needed to do is call them up from inside a module.
The GoogleMaps plugin for Joomla! can be found here GoogleMaps plugin for Joomla!

If you like me need to call these maps from inside a module then this link is where you will find the hack for doing this. Hack to get GoogleMap Plugin to work in Modules BE WARNED!! running a hack like this will mean that if someday we run a Joomla update and the index.php page is changed, as it is a core file then this hack will need to be installed again.
No doubt on this day coder like you and me will have long forgotten out this hack and will wonder why our google maps aren't showing!! which is why I've written this blog hoping I may type in one of the following phrases and find my own documentation :D

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joomla google maps not working on upgrade
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Joomla GoogleMaps plugin broke on upgrade

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