Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Joomla - Customizing Mini Ad Spot css

I was commissioned to create a menu item that would display a few adverts - that would be

a image for a company > each one on different coloured backgrounds and they would need

to display randomly.

On this version of Joomla I already had Flexbanner - which is a VERY flexible advertising

manager this would do what I needed except for the last part. I couldn't seem to

randomise the adverts. If you know an answer to this let me know.

After checking out a few Advertising problems and finding problems with them, in a few

instances 'security' issues seemed to be weak - I found Mi

ni Ad Spot

This does exaclty what I needed only I needed to write a little css hack so that the

backgrounds displayed properly.

Here's what I need to change. NOTE! YOULL NEED TO GET RID OF SPACES AROUND THE < or >'s

>> Download the module to you harddrive

>> OPEN modules/mod_miniadspot/tmpl/default.php

>> on line 72, 76 , 81


< div style="float:left; display: inline; " >


< div class="miniad" style="float:left; display: inline; " >

!! note: now you could either just paste the ccs below into your template.css in the template your using. However if like me you use more than 1 template on your site you'll need to call it up from inside the module.






< filename >css/style.css

CREATE a new folder in modules/mod_miniadspot/ called 'css'

CREATE a new file named 'style.css'

paste this code or similar into it.


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