Monday, 19 July 2010

Getting Listed on Google Products / Shopping

What is Google Shopping and why get listed on Google Shopping ?
 You may or may not have noticed the button for 'Shopping' on the top of the google search page. 

This is powered by Google Base.  
Say for example if you were buying some new surfboard fins and liked the 'FCS K2.1 PERFORMANCE CORE'  
You can search this in Google Shopping Google Base and you would get a list of all the online stores that sell this product.   You can then change the order of the listings to see which product is cheaper etc. 
 There are even Ipod Apps where you can scan barcodes and this will then check google base for other products the same online. Movie App - It's pretty likely they'll be many more things like this appearing over time. 

We'll you can either do it yourself - check  .  It's can be a bit tricky though if you're not used to xml sheets etc, so the second option may be more appealing to and that is to pay some else to do it like myself.
For only £9.99 a month you can have upto 100 products listed.*   If you have more than 100 products then please contact me.  As far as I know this is the best price on getting listed on google base / google shopping that I can find on line.  
Check Escape Surfboards listings for and idea of how all your products will look on line  Surf Shop on Google Shopping  

If you'd like to have this service for your website use our shopping cart here ADD YOUR PRODUCTS TO GOOGLE SHOPPING

re information on how we can promote your online website business.  

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