Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Making a Sitemap.xml for a website with Joomla Virtuemart

To make my sitemaps for websites I've been using the top ranking program - however when trying to sitemap a website that is built with Joomla and uses Virtuemart then it seems to hang before completing. 

The solution for this I found is to use Xmap - to create a sitemap.xml for Joomla.  It also has additional extensions that you might want to install for your site also.  

You need to add the component and plugin and once set up then usage is pretty simple 

>> go to component on the component list in Admin

>> click on the the '+' next to add menu and add the menu's you want the script to search through

>> to find your sitemap.xml goto the 'options' dropdown on the right and click on preferences.

>> now under 'Sitemap's URL' you can right click and open the link in XML Sitemap input box. 

>> from here I've been going to source and copy and pasting to my sitemap.xml and then alerting google, Yahoo, Bing.  However i'm sure there's a better way to do this.  If you know it then could you let me know.  Thanks

Sitemaps I've made with this method are Escape Surfboards Sitemap - LittleRipples Sitemap

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