Monday, 3 January 2011

January 2010 SEO work

January Keyphrase promotions.  Every month I need to check that the main keywords for my clients websites are coming top and to select another keyphrase that needs improving and a third keyprhase that at the moment doesn't register at all. A selection of 5 key phrases is constantly monitored and a further 2 singled out for improvement on the basic SEO package and - DIY Website, SEO and Social Networking

Hillside Glastonbury - Glastonbury B&B 7th , b&b glastonbury the , bed and

breakfast glastonbury 7th
, glastonbury accommodation 5th, accommodation glastonbury 5th

improve glastonbury abbey 29th

add  glastonbury tor 37th

Glastonbury Properties - self catering glastonbury 5th , self catering somerset 3rd glastonbury self catering 5th, glastonbury accommodation 5th,
accommodation glastonbury 5th

improve glastonbury short stay


Mint Condition Valet : Bournemouth Car Valet 7th, Bournemouth Car Cleaning 5th,car valet bournemouth 14th, Bournemouth Car Valeting 12th, Bournemouth Car Cleaning 5th , Bournemouth Commercial Van cleaning 1st

Last month we had a big success with Bournemouth Commercial Van cleaning moving upto 1st place.

improve: car valeting ringwood 57th ,

improve: >,car valet bournemouth 14th,

Escape - polzeath surf report 10th, cornwall surf report 12th, polzeath surf 6th , surf report polzeath 11th, surfboard repairs 10th

KEY PHRASE - surfboard repairs is this months big succes that's moved into the top ten.

improve: stand up paddle boarding , paddle board

improve: cornwall surf report 12th

Escape - surfboard sprays 2nd, surfstore 4th, surf store 3rd ,buy surfboards 5th surfboards 23rd

improve: thruster surfboard 31st

improve: surfboards 23rd

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