Monday, 7 March 2011

Create awesome Mega drop down menus in Joomla

I've been asked by a client to create a killer drop down menu like on Msw store page or on Next Clothings website .

After finding a link to this module Maxi Menu in Joomlas Forum . I installed the module on a testing server and it seems to do all the things I need it to.

Here's what I've done so far to get it working. I'll be playing around with it over the next day so will hopefully get it looking professional.

Heres what I did.

> Opened up the current menu that I wanted to swap with the new one in a seperat browser window.

> created a new menu with the maxi menu module

> copied all relevant deatils from the old menu ie location, pages.

> in the joomla admin > menu > click on menu I'm changing.

> in the title of the top level menu item I want multi rows on add '[cols2]' - ( 2 being the number of rows you wish )

> create 'seperator' menu items and put [col] in the title when I want to start a new row (to create 'seperator' menu go ot 'new' in the menu screen and under 'select Menu Item type' scroll down to 'seperator. )

They'll be more to come on this module. Here's what I googled looking for the best solution for this

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Rahul Deo Singh said...

thank for ur post. i am also trying to build the same type of menu as in ur example site. but i am not getting enough help document as how to use it. it would be great if u could provide any document or something as how to do it.

thanks in advance

Rahul Deo Singh said...

thanks for the example. and u have nicely placed the menu it into your site. I am trying to do the same but struck as i am newbie and there is no much of help doc available. it would be great if u could provide some help doc or post it over here some help as how to use it and how to place the thing within the menu.

thanks in advance.

LittleRipples said...

Hi Rahul

How far are you getting. I'll make a quick vid to help you through it but is there any parts in particular your getting stuck on?

Rahul Deo Singh said...

Hi LittleRipples,

Thanks for ur reply and your willingness to help.
I have been able to do the menu but i am no being able to bring the login module into one of the menu items. This is where i am really struck. If you could provide any support then it will be gr8.

Thank in advance.