Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Feature List of my Joomla Payroll System

I'm just writing down a few notes for my official blog on this; that will appear on my main website later today.

Here' s the feature list for the Joomla 2.5 Payroll System that I have made. 

Customer Front End Admin Area

> View Current Employees

* Views a list of all Current Employees
* Allows editing of
First Name   
Middle Name   
Last Name   
Mobile NO   
Post Code   
Bank Name   
Account Number   
Sort Code   
Insurance Rate   
Accountancy Fees   
Loan Repayment Weeks   
Weekly Amount (the last week will be the remaining amount)   
* Employees can also be sent to 'Archive' and will then not appear on the

major drop down.

> Create Staff Invoices.
* select a start date, end date and invoice date.
* creates Excel document with all Employee addresses - shifts - deductions

and calculations.

> View Current Locations -  Edit details and check the history of of your

Locations.  These details are available to edit.

Venue Name* :   
Venue Location* :   
Company* :    
Address Line 1* :   
Address Line 2:   
Address Line 3:   
Address Line 4:   
Post Code* :   
Telephone No* :   
Account Reference* :   

> Add new venue.  Adding the details above.

> Print location list.  Get a list of all Venues.

> Create Location Invoicing. 

* select a start date, end date and invoice date.
* Create invoices for each loaction. 
* Listing times and shifts for all work there between dates selected.
* Prints out Excel pages and does calculations on the page.

> Edit Company

* As well as Employee and Locations.  You can then also group by Company. 

For example 'X' company may control a handful of 'locations'  which then has

'x' amount of staff working there.

> Print cover sheets

* this function is retrieve data for previous invoice dates that may be

requested by the 'Company'

> Compile BACS report

* this is run first for any date period of shifts.
* enter start date and end date
* the results will then print out a list of Employee, BACS number and the total

they need to be paid.  With all deductions taken off.
* HTML and Excel version is produced.
* the BACS run for any date can only be added once.

> View Timesheets.

* select by employee and/or date and/or location.
* select by employee and between selected dates.
* show and edit the following information.
Staff Member
Shift Date
Start Time
End Time
Pay Rate
inv Rate
Post Date Shift
Post Date Shift Expire Date
Pay Total

> Add Timesheets

* add this information

Staff Member :    
Venue :    
Task :    
Shift Date :    
Start Time :    
End Time :    
Or Hours :    
Hourly Rate :   
Invoice Rate :   
Post Date Shift:

> Latest timesheets -
* view and edit the last 20 shifts.

> Add Multiple Timesheets

> Add Alterations -

* add or minus amounts
* state a reason
* Bacs and invoices will all include this calculation.

* Add upto 10 shifts.
* For any location where the shifts are done on the same date.

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