Monday, 17 December 2012

joomla virtuemart 2 no shipment method matches when using checkout as guest

The problem :

When checking out using the 'checkout as guest' button

what was happening next is that we are getting this message at the shipment page

'We are sorry, no shipment method matches the characteristics of your order.'

 The solution to this is that in Administrator the '-anonymous-'  group needs to be added in Shipment and also in Payment


digdogart said...

do you have ANY idea what file this language is in to edit it? it is NOT in the virtuemart or virtuemart system files? thank you

digdogart said...

Do you have any idea where to change the LANGUAge of this message? it is not located in virtuemart or vm system .ini files? I have checked numerous .ini files?? This is driving me insane! thank you

DJ Millward said...

Sorry Diddogart ;

I'm a little confused. The above post does not need any page editing but a change in the Virtuemart Administration.