Monday, 4 March 2013

Fistral Beach Webcams - Which one is currently best?

I'm doing a quick bit of research on Webcams and have noticed that eventhough there are quite a few pointing at Fistral now, many pages aren't currently worth Checking.  Here's a run down done on the 4th March 2013.

Anns Cottage Surf -  Probably the best free one; however if you haven't got Media Player updated then you can't see the high res version.  And the non high res cameras aren't that great.

Fistral Blue   - doesn't seem to be currently working.

Tiger 24 - Gets my vote for a free version.  You get a couple of angles

MSW -   you'll need to pay to be able to keep in on constantly.  Having adverts is very frustrating otherwise. Having said that this page is always worth a check anyway for the forecast.

Surf Check Live   - low quality and the camera needs cleaning.  It is free though and once the lens does get cleaned will be worth a check.

Headland Hotel -   - Seems to take and age to update and fairly poor quality.  On the plus side it's a pretty decent angle of the beach and its free.

Anyone know of any more ?

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