Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Mobile Joomla on my home page on firefox goes to iphone version

After reading this post Mobile Joomla Forum I tried uninstalling and reinstalling but had the same problem.  However rather than further continueing to find a resolution for this I've decided to move away from using Mobile Joomla.

There's a couple things that have been bothering me about it.  Firstly I can't get my head around their code.  So hacking changes is difficult.  And after designing Responsive themes in Wordpress I've seen theres a better and easy way.  And I should have to pay $199 per year, per domain to be able to offer this to my clients.

JTouch -

However to do so on my Surfing Website means I would need to update Virtuemart 2  .  Which is too much outlay in time for the moment.  I will however get around to addressing this soon. 

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