Friday, 5 July 2013

How to make a new virtuemart template

how to make a new virtuemart template

Are you having this problem 'Updating Virtuemart 2.0 changes my template'  .  This is because you've made all your changes in the 'default' template, which has been overwritten.  What you need to is make a copy of all the pages that start with 'default' from the folder

and paste them into a new folder in that directory; for example


replace all the references of 'default' in those filenames for your new one ie 'wide'


from here make all your changes you want in that folder.  To apply this template to the product then that needs to done in Admin  >  Components > Virtuemart

You'll need to do this in all your products

> Product > Product Information

On the right hand side choose your Template name from the 'Product Details Page' dropdown .  as pictured here.

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