Monday, 9 September 2013

How to Add Pinterest Boards with Pin it buttons to your Wordpress website

!!note: this has been updated with version 1.01 of Pinterest to Wordpress by DeanDev

The mission here was to help make a website that intergrates with the clients Pinterest boards. 
Ideally I'd of liked to have the pages look as much like Pinterest as possible but have had to make some concessions because of time and investment. 

Here's an image of what I've achieved.

The plugins I've used are ->

Pinterest to Wordpress Plugin

I would have liked the Pin it button to have appeared as a roll over on the images like on Pinterest - as in this plugin Pinterest Pin it Button for Images but as the gallery on Pinterest to Wordpress Plugin uses script rather than '' tags it doesn't work .

So I used Pinterest "Pin it" Button

and used the following hack to show on Pinterest to Wordpress Plugin 


on line 103 FIND

'.str_replace('/search', '', urldecode($ttls[$i]) ) .'
$pinitButton = do_shortcode('[pinit]');
'.str_replace('/search', '', urldecode($ttls[$i]) ) .'
You should also add some CSS to your style.css . I've used
float: right;
margin-right: 4%;

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