Friday, 17 January 2014

Joomla Mijoshop Downloads not working - can't find the file at */index.php/*/account/download/download?order_download_id=*

Before I go on I should point out that I haven't got a resolution for the but reading this blog entry may help you with a similar issue.

The Issue:  We have a website that sells MP3 Download Mix Albums; these albums come in at 330M

Testing showed that small files could be downloaded, but when the download goes over 120Mb I get this message

can't find the file at */index.php/*/account/download/download?order_download_id=* 

I found this post  on a similar issue regarding Opencart.  The hosts however would not allow php.ini changes.  So I put a fresh install of Joomla 3.2 and Mijoshop 2.2.4 on it.  And even with these php.ini changes I cannot make the downloads

  upload_max_filesize = 390M ;

post_max_size = 400M ;

memory_limit = 640M ;  

So for the meantime I have split the downloads into Parts; as Mijoshop does allow multi items in the download for each product.

If you know a full solution please let me know !!

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