Monday, 1 June 2015

Drupal 7 issue with moving Media Module 1.x to 2.x

I had an issue with Drupal 7 Media Module and specifically in that the Library was displaying as blank.

So instead I updated to Media Module 2.x ; Here's my configuration notes incase they're of help to anyone.

  1. Turn on modules ‘Entity API’ and ‘Entity tokens’ 
  2. Turn on modules ‘Media Bulk Upload’ - ‘Media Field’ , ‘Media WYSIWYG’ & ‘Media WYSIWYG View Mode’ 
  3. Media Permission - 'Administer media browser’ & 'Use the media browser’
  4. Enable ‘File Entity’ permissions .
  5. Go to ‘Status Report’ and ‘use Database updates Scripts. ‘Apply Appending Updates.
  6.  Check admin/config/content/wysiwyg  that Media Browser is installed. 

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