Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Some Git Hub Course notes .

For the Team Tree House Course >  Git Hub Basics 

Each project you have under version control will have a repository, which is a collection of commits describing the changes your project as you work. 

Git is a  distributed version control system, which means that there is no "central" repository for any given project; everyone has their own copy of the project repository that they can work with directly.

Which of the following sets of tools does a version control system provide?

Tools for exploring your projects history.

Git was created in large part to help manage what software project ?

the Linus kernel

The act of finalizing a change in version control is called "committing.”

In version control parlance, what is a repository?

The repository is where all of the version control information about a project is stored. 

The version control system you should use for any given project is going to depend a lot on your personal preferences and the preferences of the team you work with.

Git commands can be divided into which two categories?

“plumbing “ and “Porcelain”

Where can you typically find the README file for a project on GitHub ? at the bottom of the main repository. 

a github repository contains .  files related to your project , history and collaboration tools

The Github issues feature is used to track, bugs and features. 

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