Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Adding a class suffix to a module that doesn't have one.

They are moments when you just have to love Joomla, and this was definatly one of those moments as this was very very easy to fix.

I had downloaded the extendsion Simple Tags .

The only problem with it was the box wasn't displayed as I wished. What I wanted was to make it inline with my other menus that had the class name module_menu. On installation of the extension it was only 'module' and there was no input area in admin to add a class suffix.

THE SOLUTION: all I had to do was add this line to the file mod_simpletags.xml above the final < / params > tag.

< param name="moduleclass_sfx" type="text" default="" label="Module Class Suffix" description="PARAMMODULECLASSSUFFIX" / >

and that was it Joomla did the rest for me :)))

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