Friday, 3 July 2009

Transferring a website using SSH

The following is a list of SSH commands to move a website from one location to another.

Once you SSh'd in then change directories to one higher than the directory you want to zip

>> example - if you're in the directory you want to zip already

cd ..

>> otherwise

cd public_html/

>> now to zip the website

tar -czvf fileName.tar.gz folderName/

- Now you need to SSH into the website you
're transferring to.

!!! when doing this on the project in had I first needed to delete what was on there.

> to do this I deleted the directory in question

rm -r public_html/

> and recreated that directory

mkdir public_html/


now get yourself in the folder you want...

and use the following commands to to unzip your website



tar -zxvf fileName.tar.gz


hopefully it'll be as easy as that for you as well :)

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LittleRipples said...

just 2 quick notes on the above blog that I've noticed when repeating the above procedure.

if you're zipping your whole site then theres no need to run the command

cd public_html/

as it's the public_html folder you'll want to zip. ie->

tar -czvf fileName.tar.gz public_html/

Therefore you also won't need to run

mkdir public_html/

as when unzipping the directory that will be done automatically

LittleRipples said...

for transferring mysql databases check this blog