Sunday, 29 August 2010

how do I run printhead cleaning program on the HP Deskjet F2200

hp f2200 clean printer head

After buying a printer cartridge for my HP Deskjet F2200 from PrinterBasics on ebay, I found that eventhough the printer reconised the cartridge it would still not print.

The buyer writes this in their help.

What if the printer recongnises the cartridge but won't print?

printerbasics: Try running the printhead cleaning program on these cartridges. This process will clean the heads and also push the ink through and should hopefully resolve this problem for you. We recommend that you do this 3 to 4 times for best results.

The question then is how do we do that?  here's the answer.

 I'm using Microsoft Word to print my documents.  So here's what I needed to do.

in Microsoft Word

>> click on file

>> scroll down and click on print

>> go to the features tab

>> at the bottom find the button 'Printer Services' click on it

>> in the 'device services' tab - go down to 'Clean the Print Cartridge'

>> I need to run this a couple of times to get the print to go through.

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