Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Getting Your Products Noticed on Google Shopping

Getting Your Products on Google Shopping

If you sell products online this has to be one of the most important ways to get your products listed. Why? Because if you're on Google Shopping it means you mean business. You're in shopping mode and ready to spend cash. I been using Google Shopping as a punter for quite a while now and this is normally how I use it.

> I've seen ( or already know ) the product I want. I've researched it, read reviews on the products itself and know I want to know if its anywhere else on the internet where it's cheaper.

> so I goto to Google Shopping - type in the full product name and do a search. Then list the products by price.

> If there's a shop thats quite a bit cheaper I will then take a look at the site to see if it I think it looks professional enough. And then google the Company itself to see if I can find any reviews on them. If everythings ok then I will proceed to make the purchase.

> However normally many things will be the same price, if theres only 50p or a pound in it then I will often go for the tried and tested sites that I know. Ie Amazon, Magicseaweed etc. Another thing I look for is Google provide a merchant rating. The higher here the more reliable and the more likely people will use.

So that raises the question on how to get that google Merchant rating up. Well there's 3 ways.

1. Install Goolge Checkout. Google customers will be emailed and asked to review after the purchase.

2. Write a review at

3. Write a review at

Its as simple as that. So now you just need to twist customers arms to get them to write nice reviews for you.

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