Thursday, 16 December 2010

Enabling your Joomla website to update your Facebook Status

This is something I've been battling with for a couple of months. There used to a fanpage application called 'Fwitter' which linked up to your Twitter account and recieved statuses from there. This meant that with the help of using a component that sends our article title and link to Twitter we could make a loop. Unfortunatly the Fanpage version of Fwitter ceased to work.

Thats left me hunting another solution.

I tried the route. This component claims to be able to do what we want but again I could get it to send to my profile but not our fanpage.

In the end i've had opt for a paid solution. I was already using 1st Movers Autotweet application - which is free and pings Twitter a status. However if you go for the pro version then you can also access Facebook Fanpage statuses. It's very easy to set up. A couple of things you should know before purchse though. Firstly the first person to go to the site after a message is being sent takes ages and then see's a blank page and secondly it takes about 30 mins odd for the message to go through.

if anyone knows a free solution to this problem then please let me know.

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