Sunday, 6 February 2011

how can I get a google seller ratings next to my google product listing

I still haven't got this one cracked on Surfboards Online . After being on a mission to get their customers to leave a review on their Place page. We've now got 30 lovely 5 star reviews but still no 'google seller rating' to go next to the product listings in Google Products listings. Strangely I have seen a listing with only 1 review and that was displayed next to the item.

I'm wondering if the 'google seller rating' is classed as a 'google badge' in which case it seems 'several' tranactions will have to go through Google Checkout until this is displayed. As this is the case I think the next plan of action would be to try and get our seller rating displayed in some targetted 'google ads' until we can get ot the several transactions stage. Have a look at this link.
display google sellers rating next to my google product listing in Google Adwords'

I have found that leaving reviews on the following websites should help your Google listing. So that could be a future place of call

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LittleRipples said...

after checking all of these websites its only the that you can easily add a review to for free if your company is not already listed.

Heres some notes I joted down - ppc - PPC - PPC no merchant login no merchant login - no merchant login - same $29 a month