Monday, 7 February 2011

Encourage Website Usage with Points system ( which means prizes ! )

On my main site Little Ripples SEO & Web Design Blog I'd writen a a blogs bout 'giving you're website legs'. This blog kinda follows on from that point. I'll probably make it into a full blown article at some point but until then I wanted to note this Joomla addon for future projects. Alpha User Points - This components can be used to encourage your users to use your website and as they do so they will gain credits. Once they've gained enough credits then they can use them to do something cool, like place an advert!!

I think I'm going to roll this out for the Polzeath Beach website and see how it goes. Call back soon to find out more! or even better sign up for one of the Little Ripples Feeds - Little ripples Facebook, Little Ripples twitter , Little Ripples RSS Feed

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