Monday, 27 June 2011

uninstall jzip - a quick how to

First of all if by chance you've found this by searching for a ' Jzip review ' then DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS SOFTWARE as it takes over your internet search bars with their own that place Google Ads at the top.

If like me you have installed it and want to get rid of it heres what you need to do.

> first of all use the uninstall on the start menu

> then search for 'run' on the start menu and open.

> type in regedit.exe

> click on 'ctrl f' and type in 'jzip'

> delete each entry and then click on 'F3' which searches for the next one. delete all instances.

> click on 'ctrl f' and type in '' and delete all keys for this too,


and we're done :)


Gaitano said...

I have just followed your how to uninstall jzip guide through regedit but it has not deleted it. i still get jzip as my search page in google chrome.

DonToto said...

(1) I uninstalled jzip through the Windows "uninstall programs" function. (2) I also followed the instructions in this blog to uninstall through regedit. I was wondering if (1) was sufficient, but I did (2) anyway. After this it appears that jzip was gone, so I was happy (:>)
Regarding getting my search page in Google Chrome, I found the same situation. However, this was easily fixed by changing the chrome home page option (Open "Options" menu item and change default home page.)