Monday, 7 November 2011

Facebook Advertising Webinar

Here's the checklist for the first week of the Facebook Advertising Webinar 

* Start by considering who are the essential connections for your
business. Who are your advocates? Set goals for who you would like to
connect to your business.

*  If you have a physical location, claim your Facebook Place by searching
for it on Facebook. You may have fans already waiting. This is now your
Facebook Page.

*  If you don’t have a Page already, create your Page at,
fill out as much information as possible and add photos.

* Make your first post. Create a schedule to track what and when you will
post. Post at least twice per week.

* Add other administrators to your Page, so they can post, respond, and
advertise for your Page.

* Invite your employees, friends, and customers to like your Page.

* Get a personalized link for your Page by visiting
username. (You’ll need at least 25 fans).

* Put your Facebook Page’s personalized link in all of your marketing
materials (business cards, receipts, e-mails, chalk boards, signs etc

To be honest there isn't anything here that I haven't done, except for making sure all my customers are sending  invites to there friends.

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