Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Getting multiple Backgrounds to work on one page using CSS

The Problem here is this:  Take a look at this screenshot. 

I wanting to show 3 layers at once using the z-index.  However to do this I needed to set the div position to 'absolute' and that through the layout out in other areas.

One suggestion I got was to make a relative container to put the other DIVs in .

However I got this solution to work where I can use 2 backgrounds in one DIV.  There's also a fix for IE 8

Multiple Background in CSS DIV  -  

Here's the css that worked for me on Wise Monkey Media -   

background: url("../../images/wisemonkeymediatail.gif") no-repeat scroll right bottom, url("../../images/mp-background-shading.png") repeat scroll center top transparent;

check the next blog for my IE8 fix 

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