Thursday, 7 June 2012

how do I reverse the BACS check to run a report for a second time in Joomla Payrollsystem

In Joomla Payrollsystem how is the check for 'BACS of This Date Are Already Generated'  done .

Open components/com_projectfork/models/bacs.php

at line 25 examine this code.

 $lstdate = "SELECT last_end_date FROM #__time_diff LIMIT 1";
$l_date = $db->loadResult();



basically if does a search in __time_diff the last set of results and then from here on you can run a BACS report.

So if I delete all results in __time_diff I will be able to re run the BACS again.

This system doesn't seem ideal but will work as long as BACS runs are always done in the order they should be.

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