Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Auto twitter for Facebook Fan pages

There must be an app on Facebook for this.  If you know of one that I can use for 'Auto updating my Fanpage from Twitter' then please post it under this blog.  The following blog is a long winded work around I had to use as I couldn't find such a solution. 

Some of the searchs I tried where

auto twitter for fan pages

how to auto status to a facebook fanpage from twitter

twitter feed for pages app for facebook

 None of these searches brought any answers or solution for me.

Here's what I did.  I know how to get a RSS feed from my twitter accounts - with this knowledge it occurred to me that if I could install an app on Facebook that gets from a RSS feed then I'd be in with a chance.  Check out RSS Graffiti to accomplish this  .  However it's not quite as simple as that as Graffiti doesn't let you get RSS streams straight from Twitter, so I had to be a little deceptive and fed the feed into Feedburner first  .  Yeah I know !!  if you know a better way please let me know ;)

Also before you go ahead and do this, you may want to consider whether its a good idea or not.  After all Facebook fans don't want to here all the Twitter noise that goes with it.  However in my case it'll at least mean I'd update much more regularly .  join my fanpage at facebook.com/littleripples

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