Wednesday, 23 January 2013

To provide intergrate Website video assistance into your website.

The Mission:  To provide integrate Website video assistance into your website.

So here's the issue 'we have a website that has accumulated clutter and we would like to provide some assistance to our users.

Strangely enough good examples on how to integrate video help seem to be in short supply.  I think the favoured way to help clients on their websites is to provide live assistance .  Check out the 'live Chat' facility on World of Camping 

However an online catalogue of video depending on the page customers are on would provide 2 clear advantages in my opinion, which is

1. There's no need to pay someone to be waiting for someone to visit the website.
2. A video would provide a human face to the website and enhance the bond between customer and company.

And although I can't find many examples of use of a video expert through a website it doesn't mean its something that shouldn't be done. 

Here's a couple of easily added solutions. That will be usable on most devices. 

> a pull out bar.  ( like on this template )

> a banner or box that expands using Lightbox or similar when clicked on.

> the other way would be to have a large video player on each page.  Making the video main focus of the website; rather that just an assistant.

Research .  websites that extensively use video

Searches I made to try and find suitable information

website assistance examples

Video website assistance

website help videos

get help button video dropdown
expandable help videos

training videos intergrated into website

Websites that nicely intergrate video into the website.

video training intergrated into the website.

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