Thursday, 28 February 2013

My Wingnut Surfboard

Conditions here recently have been perfect to dig out my Wingnut. You can go pretty short on this model; my performance board is a 6'2" and I've went for a 5'8" Wingnut that suits me fine; even in under waist high waves. Having it set up as a quad enable me to flip the tail round much much more than I can on my other boards. And as set up as a thruster I find it fine in shoulder high plus waves. Here's the board description and a nice little photo I took yesterday on it. This model has a Convert fin set up for maximum versatility. Ride as a twin ,thruster ,quad or 5 fin add to that all the different size fins its endless. The Wingnut is gonna pick up on loads of waves and make small wave surfing fun. It has lots of foam to it and keeps the width through the board until its drawn in with the double wing. The wings just pull in the tail so it will have a bit more performance and hold. This board like the Peanut will still keep going even in mushy waves floating you through flat spots and weak sections. It's a fantastic board for intermediate surfers looking to step straight from a first board to something short, manoeuvrable and responsive. Also for an experienced surfer looking for a fun skatie board that finned right can also hammer it down the line in bigger conditions. This board comes with a set of FCS M thruster fins and a set of sides to quad it. Fin upgrades available just call or email. Its a compact fun board that will surprise you and keep you keen. Buy the Wingnut now.

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