Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Why I won't be installing WooCommerce as my shopping cart on Wordpress.

I've just wasted 3 hours of working time on researching, uploading and testing the Wordpress e-commerce plugin WooCommerce and believe it is not suitable for my use. At least not without a fair bit of work. 

So here's a quick blog on it; incase reading this can save you some time.

When is WooCommerce not the right solution ?

Basically if you already have an existing website; where you don't want to change the theme then I would recommend against it.

This is the thing ->  Once you've loaded in the plugin you then need to upload a Theme from WooCommerce. 

This theme will give you a new tab.  From here you get a heap of Customization options including Layout options - Footer options.

To install this theme you do it in the same way as you would a normal theme - overiding your Theme at present.   

In short it looks like theres going to be a fair bit of leg work to get your existing Theme to look right on WooCommerce.  

Is there anyone who has done this process who can give more information on this.  I'd certainly be interested in reading the views of others

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