Friday, 29 July 2011

Replacing the Screen on a LG GW620 Smart Phone

My relationship with my LG GW620 has been a bit up and down. I'd choosen the GW620 mainly because it seemed one of the best phones that includes a keyboard. However ever since I've been jealously looking at how reponsive other touchscreen mobiles are like the Galaxy, Iphone or Lexus HTC phones.

To make things worse only half way through my contract ( 12 months ) I smashed the screen - ironically the day before the wifes new Galaxy s2 turned up.

Eventhough I kinda regret buying it the fact is I use it a huge amount. the video, the camera, several apps, mp3 player, the internet. Being without it for a few days really kinda makes you realise how much it had been used.

The first port of call was to see if I could get an upgrade. Unfortunatley not, on T-mobile this is a service only open to customers with 3 months or less on their contracts.

SO to the LG repair service. The advisors tells me it'll cost £40 for them to look at it and then they would tell me how much it'll cost to fix it. In his words 'it'll be better to take it to someone else. '

After watching a couple of vids I'd decided to have a go at the repair myself and ordered a replacement screen. And used - it wasn't the cheapest at £30 but was UK based and sold offical LG parts, as opposed to waiting longer and taking a risk from overseas.

The instuctions for replacement are here

BE WARNED THOUGH - the instructions aren't quite as easy as the read.

On the second part 'You should now be able to pry the battery compartment away from the rest of the phone. Pry it away around its edge, as shown below.'

There are clips all the way round - including top and bottom. It'd be easy to break the plastic casing if you rush this bit.

'They're soldered to the phone's circuit board and attached to the side of the phone's housing with double sided tape. ' My wife accidentally break the volume switch here. Meaning I now need the part number SPKY0077901 and a soldering kit.

Now lift the circuit board from right to left, as shown below. A ribbon connector (circled) needs to be disconnected. It attaches like a plug and socket. Just lever
this away from the circuit board to unplug

Theres a screw here that needs to be removed that isn't mentioned. Its the one that sits on the silver plate. Once removed the two parts come apart a lot easier.

IN GENERAL : its not quite as easy as the instructions say - i think some parts are slightly glued and need a bit of teasing.

If your careful though and have read this then you should be OK.
It might be an idea to film yourself taking it apart and you could use this as a reminder of the process when putting it back together.

As it goes I know have my Phone working again :)) and lukily the volume seems OK.

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