Monday, 18 July 2011

Sending out Email to get your Google Customers to leave a Review

Google send out an automatic message to your customers who have purchased through Google Checkout. This has the title of

'Rate your shopping experience with Escape Surfboards using Google Checkout'

the only thing is what if 'my cutomers have deleted their Google Checkout Review request. How can you then send them out an email so they can do this. The secret is in the link that sent by Google Checkout - which will look something like this

what you will need to do is change that transaction number ( 01010100101010 ) to the transaction of the purchase the customer needs to review. You can find this in the admin area.

If you're looking for ' suggested text for requesting to write a google review email ' then here is what I used.

Rate your shopping experience with Escape Surfboards using Google Checkout

Thanks for your recent purchase from Escape Surfboards.

We'd very much appreciate if you could share your experience. Please take a moment to tell us about it by filling in the form at the link REVIEW YOUR PURCHASE. We will publish your review online so that others can learn from your experience. Your review will be linked to your Google account.

Escape Surfboards

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