Monday, 22 August 2011

notes on Google Adwords

First of all I apologise for not making this blog more readable but it's nearly midnight and I've just sat through a couple of hours of Google Adwords tutorials.

Here's a few things I jotted down.

Google uses a 'Quality Score' system . this means that if your advert gets more clicks than others then you may get a higher ranking with a lower Cost Per Click. Basically this means better targetted campaigns will be more succesful than others. Check these rules.

1. The highest ranking ads are the most relevant

2. Higher relevance leads to lower CPC - rewarding best perfomance

3. Higher visibility yields better tracking

4. Higher visibility yields more qualified business online.

Making a new campaign - use google keywords tool to find keywords and then use google insights for more information to run the campaign.

Check the agency tool kit.

!!important ::

When entering keywords here's a couple of tricks

Phrase match by using quotations ie "used book"

Exact match by using square brakets ie [used book]

if you do not use either of these then system will use a broad match - which may be bad for the quality score.

Negative keywords: ie -used book

doing this will mean this keyword is not searched.

Keyword Insertion - a trick to show the Keyword searched in your listings then use this code

{keyword:default text}

note: default text will be your own text.

Multi Account Manager - My Account Manager - MCC

Check the Adwords Editor for off line checking of campaigns

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