Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Report on Getting Premiership Football in the Pub – without using SKY

How can I show live premiership football in my pub without using SKY

Basically using the internet to show football isn’t realistic. It can be a bit of a game finding the best stream. Some can be low quality but they often stream better than the high quality ones.
Also showing live premiership on the internet in this country is illegal, which means Premiership Football TV providers have every right to highjack or close down connections if they find them out. If you're looking for ' Live Premiership Football ' for home use then you can try for several connections for the games but it's not suitable for Pub use.

Getting Foreign Satellite is legal for the broadcasters and thanks to court ruling on Karen Murphy who won her case against SKY to show Premiership Football Live its also not illegal for pubs either.

There is a fair bit of information online about how you can Watch Premier League football without Sky on a foreign satellite

Here’s a quick check list of what you need.

* a satellite dish ( moterised )
* a satellite receiver
* a universal LNB and cable
* a viewing card and cam

The most difficult bit here in my opinion is the Viewing Card . These are like the SKY Viewing Card. You’ll need to research what channels your after first before purchasing. Its not hard to find sites that offer the cards though. Here’s a couple

The other consideration I think need to be taken are.

* it’ll need to be motorised as you’ll need to point the satellite in different directions depending on the channel
• you can find out the channels and directions to point the satellite to at

ideally I think the best way would be to find a satellite installer who is known by people at the pub, who can oversee it all.
There are plenty of companies now who will do this all for you. Expect to pay around £45 a week. Which compared to SKY is small but compared to the overall layout of doing it yourself seems high.

Check Foreign Satellite Provision for Pubs

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