Thursday, 4 August 2011

how to exclude google search from your google adwords campaign

This is so I can just run the add campaign for the placements i choose. In this case I'm running an add on ' Surfboard Boardbags ' - and I want the advert to appear in Google Mail to anyones whose talking about ' Surf Travel ', ' Surfing Holidays ' in the UK .

If I turn off Google Search - and Google Search Partners then I should have a much more directed campaign.

WHY IS THIS - as I'm guessing if your mentioning surf travel in a email then it's probably something thats happening rather than a dream.

Anyway to do this the go to your Campaign in Google Adwords and click on the Settings tab.

> go down to 'Network and devices'

> click on 'edit' next to 'Networks
Managed placements, audiences and topics'

> now you can untick the boxes you don't require

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