Tuesday, 10 April 2012

5 Basic SEO tips to remember when writing a Blog

 5 Top Tips on Things to remember when writing a Blog

These are my notes for my full blog that is available here

How to write great blogs with Search Engines in Mind

1. Select a couple of key phrases that you want this blog to found by.  NO MORE

2.Get your key phrases in title and mentioned in the text but you do not need to mention it again.  You have to careful here because mentioning it too many times will be seen as over SEOing .

3. Make your image titles descriptive and use the Alt tags.  if the images are relevant to your keywords then this will help too.

4.add a decent description.  This is shown on the Google search results page an in he description when linked to from facebook.

5.  Lastly and probably the most important is to have a good title and to have your key phrase at the start of that title.


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