Monday, 30 April 2012

Linking your Google Listings with Your Google+ account

Your probably already aware of the change that's happened to Google listings.  And that's that you can now have your smiling face being listed next to your content when people search using Google search engine.

It's my mission this month to get most of my customers set up on this.

Check this blog Claim Your Content

Here's my notes of what I did to get this working on my Womens Clothing webstie .

1.  I added this code around the title in the footer for Ocean Blue Clothing

< a class="url fn author" rel="author"

href="" > 

2.   then on the contact.html page .  I added

< a class=“url fn author” rel=“me” href= >

around a link for Google Plus.

3.  Then in your Google Plus page .

>  click on 'edit info'

> click on 'contributer to' in the Google Plus page.

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