Monday, 30 April 2012

Making a Data Feed for your Virtuemart store

I've been using RedMystic to help get my store items on Ocean Blue Clothing to get listed on Google Shopping.  However recently due to a fault which is I think related to my  'Virtuemart Additional Images not working problem'  it's not been working :(

So I've had to write a hack to list these products until someone spends a little more time making a proper solution.

You can download my hacked code her Virtuemart Data Feed Joomla Hack.  Please let me know if you use and improve on it.

You'll need to add your details where appropriate.  Ie usernames and web Addresses. 

You could probably use on Joomla 2.5 to make a Site Feed for Google too with some small changes.


After uploading and going into the index.php page.

Copy and paste this from your browser into your editor and search for '&'  and replace with '\& '

then save it and upload to Google Base

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