Friday, 9 September 2011

Create a Wordpress website from scratch

I don't often make my websites with Wordpress but sometimes it fits the bill for what needs to be achieved.  The other thing is from the feedback I recieve the backend is much easier to get on with.

Any I thought it may be of interest to put down my notes on how to create a personilsed Wordpress website.

After installing the Action  Adventure Theme in Wordpress the next stage was to change the header  text for a business card image.

Wordpress Replace Title with a Logo -

The above link isn't correct for my theme but it's given me a lead.  I  can see from Firebug the tag I need to work at is
< div id="site-title" >

This is where you need some software that can search a whole heap of  pages for the tag as it doesn't appear in the wp-content/themes/adventure-journal/header.php code as  mentioned above.

I found the div title in functions.php

Next I changed the code

< a href="" title="" rel="home">
                  < ?php bloginfo( 'name' ); ?>


and then get rid of the < div id="site-description" >  completely.

which is right underneath - so i put '//'  infront of $sitedescr to  cancel it out 


I'd like to add this set for a font "Palatino Linotype", "Book Antiqua",  Palatino, serif

its line 21 of wp-content/themes/adventure-journal/style.css

wordpress get rid of posted on text

FIND in wp-content/themes/adventure-journal/functions.php

function ctx_aj_posted_on()

and take out the text and links from this function.

Wordpress get rid of Categories box
in wp-content/themes/adventure-journal/loop.php


and delete all the way down to

and delete

Wordpress how to take off comments

Settings >> Discussion >> uncheck "Allow people to post comments on new  articles"

However this may be over ruled on individual pages. If 'Wordpress  changing setting discussion uncheck Allow people to post comments on new  articles ' hasn't worked for you then try this.

> go to the page that needs changing

> click on 'screen options' tab

> then click on the tick box for 'Discussion'

> a new box will appear further down the page - Under 'Discussion'  untick Allow comments.

how to show youtube video on wordpress

Use the EMBED code from Youtube and paste it into the HTML tab of your  post.

Add a Gallery to your Website

Here's a couple of blogs of interest

40 Wordpress Galleries

10 best galleries

Out of these the Lightbox gallery for Wordpress catches my eye 
First things first though - it's time to take a backup of the site as it  is at present.

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